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I had a dilemma

For years I struggled to find my identity on the racks of mass-market chains. I constantly had trouble finding clothes that not only fit my body but allowed me to feel comfortable and confident. The women’s offerings were always too form fitting and feminine, whereas the men’s offerings were oversized and failed to accommodate my female proportions. I was not alone. Many of my friends and co-workers expressed the same frustration. I didn’t understand why no apparel brand was creating androgynous clothing for androgynous folks like us.


And so the Signature Shirt was born

After years of disappointing dressing rooms and wishing things were different, I decided to do something about it. After 18 months of exhaustive product development, Androgyny released its first product to the world in January 2013, our Signature Shirt. Our Signature Shirt offers a fresh take on an enduring classic, blending the best of both menswear and womenswear together. We’ve created a new fit and merged it with craftsmanship and bold patterns to deliver confidence and individually in every shirt.


Produced in Limited Production runs

Each shirt is made in very limited production, so once a certain style is sold out, it does not come back on site. This ensures a great fit, but also uniqueness to each product. Androgyny is able to deliver these small production runs because we produce locally; all of our shirts are handcrafted at home here in San Francisco, California. We love that we can walk into our factory every day and make sure that your shirts are made the way you deserve (by adults with breaks and benefits).


To inspire confidence in you

Our mission is simple - to inspire personal confidence, one shirt at a time.  My hope is that when you find our website and you receive your shirt, you finally realize you are not alone and have a new found hope that there is a brand out there that gets it, that gets you. A brand that lives, breathes and understands your needs. 


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