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Androgyny Signature Shirts


Why do your shirts button like men's shirts (aka buttons on right instead of left)?
Divergence on men's and women's button hole placements goes back to the Victorian Era. In those days, most men were right handed, and they dressed themselves. Woman, however, often relied on maids to help them dress. Therefore, the buttons were switched to the opposite side in order to facilitate ease of buttoning for one's maid.
Here at Androgyny, we think it's time you dressed yourself!


We want to save you money at the cleaners. Have you ever taken a mix of men's and women's shirts to the cleaners to have them washed and pressed only to find out that the cost for the women's shirts are 2-5x the price of the men's?
Were you as confused as we were? Did logical reasoning and protest get you anywhere? Us either.
By switching the buttons to the opposite side of the shirt (buttons now on the right side), we are instantly saving you money at the cleaners. Of course, all of our shirts are washing machine friendly (wash cold, tumble dry low, no bleach, iron as needed) but - hey - it's nice to have options!


Why don't your shirts have a front placket?
Our shirt style is referred to as a French Front. Not only is it fancy, but if you need to run a quick iron over your shirt before a big day at the office or dressy night out, you don't need to spend an extra 10 minutes making sure your placket is lined up for perfect pressing. We want our customers to be able to toss their shirt into the wash, remove it and give it a light press without spending an extra 10 minutes on the front placket.

Problems you may have

With typical women's shirts

Too-form fitting, too feminine
Too short in length
Sleeves often too short or 3/4 length
The "boob button" is constantly pulling and popping
Darting on front draws too much attention to the chest

With men's shirts

Oversized, too masculine
Too long in length
Sleeves too big both in length and circumference of cuff
The "boob button" is pulling while the shoulders are too big
The bottom button does not account for womanly proportions

Androgyny's off-the-rack fit solution

A men's aesthetic re-engineered to accommodate the female form

Androgyny's off-the-rack style solution

A shirt that empowers and saves you money!

Size Range

As a young startup, we didn't want to go out of business because we were stuck with an overwhelming amount of inventory. Therefore, we have consolidated our size range to serve the most common sizes. However, we recognize that our current off-the-rack offerings do not accommodate all women, so we are working to create a customized option for women who fall outside of our offered range. We anticipate to have our custom option up and running in the near future and hope you can lend us your patience until we work out all the kinks.

Materials and trim

All of our shirts are made from the finest raw materials we can find. Our current collection is made exclusively from imported Japanese fabrics. We are currently working with mills across the globe in an effort to bring the best materials into our collections.


All of our garments are handcrafted right here in San Francisco, California.