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1. Why are your shirts so expensive?

The price of an Androgyny Signature Shirt is dictated by a variety of factors, the key drivers being - (1) manufacturing in the USA, (2) premium materials, and (3) limited editions.

First, let's start with manufacturing at home. We made the decision when we set up our supply chain to manufacture in the US. We spoke to our potential customers and we heard unanimous support to keep manufacturing at home. Manufacturing here not only allows us to feel warm and fuzzy but allows us more control over the manufacturing process. Our team is on the factory floor every day, checking quality of production and keeping an eye on working conditions for our skilled laborers. Unfortunately this control and peace of mind comes with a higher price tag than manufacturing abroad.

The second driver of our premium price point is simpler - quality of both materials and construction. All of our shirts are made from the finest raw materials we can get our hands on. We steer away from polyester and blended materials that offer a lower quality to our customers. Additionally every inch of the shirt has countless manhours of development and handcrafted construction that benefit our wearer with daily comfort and lifelong durability.

Finally, the big one, limited editions offer something unique at the cost of realizing economics of scale. We are not a mass-market brand, we don't order 10,000 of every style. In fact, we try not to offer more than 50. We would rather offer our customers a variety of distinct styles and looks that allow the wearer to stand out from a sea of mass produced fashion. We know that you have your own individual style and we want to be able to build a diverse assortment of limited editions. Not only does this provide more options for you to choose from but you don't need to worry that you and your five best friends are going to show up at the local watering hole on Saturday night wearing the exact same thing (embarrassing!). Sure, as we scale we might move past the 50 unit threshold, but we will not let go of our emphasis on variety and differentiation. Unfortunately, offering a more differentiated smaller assortment limited our ability to drive volume discounts with our manufacturing partners. As we get more customer and you demand more products, our volume will increase and we can start getting some of those discounts but unfortunately we will never be achieving the same volume discounts as mass-market players producing lower quality generic styles.

2. How will these shirts save me money at the dry cleaners?

The average adult men's shirt, after being laundered, is typically placed on a shirt machine that dries and "presses" them. However, since most women's shirts are not only smaller and more fitted but also have darting, they tend not to fit on the shirt machine, and instead have to be hand-pressed.* Since Androgyny's Signature Fit shirts have a more generous full-cut, don't have darting, and have the buttons on the right side, your Androgyny Shirt is more likely to be sorted into the "shirt machine" category at your dry cleaners. It has worked for us. Make it work for you!

* In the case of XS shirts, we do want to note that even men's shirts are sometimes unable to fit on the shirt machine, and have to be hand-pressed.

3. Are your shirts for men or women? 

We'd love to say, hey we are Androgyny so they are for everyone regardless of gender, which is true BUT the reality is our bodies are shapped differently (much to the dismay of some of us) and therefore when we created our Signature fit we could only design for one body type - the female body.

4. Why are the buttons on the right side?

The reason why the front buttons on men's and women's button-up shirts are on different sides stems from the Victorian era, when men dressed themselves and women were dressed by servants — womens’ buttons were therefore placed on the opposite side to make it easier for the maids to fasten the buttons. So while our shirts are designed with the female form in mind, we've insisted on leaving the buttons on the right side as a symbolic gesture and homage to our customers, whom we believe prefer to dress themselves. 

4. Do you make custom shirts?

We think there are many companies already doing great work with fully customized, tailored shirts. Androgyny set out to create an off-the-rack experience that would take less time, less hassle, and less money. While we do hope to expand our size range, we don't have plans to expand into custom offerings anytime soon.

5. Size range

The Androgyny Signature Fit shirt is relaxed, with a comfortable full-cut throughout. We don't put darts on our shirts, and we keep our shirts comfortable across the shoulders and chest with a slight flare around the hips.

The small size is equivalent to a women's 2/4 or a men's XS, and has a sleeve length of 31 3/4" from the center back. 

The medium size is equivalent to a women's 6/8 or a men's M, and has a sleeve length of 32 1/4" from the center back.

The large size is equivalent to a women's 10/12 or a men's L, and has a sleeve length of 33" from the center back.

The extra large size is equivalent to a women's 14/16 or a men's XL, and has a sleeve length of 33 1/2" from the center back.

We've found that 92% of our sizing changes have been for the smaller size, so if you find yourself in between sizes, we recommend going with the smaller size as long as the chest measurements are adequate.