Community support launches Androgyny October 07 2013

When I first told my story on Kickstarter, I had no idea how many people would identify with the need for a better women’s button-up shirt. Gay women, straight women and transmen all wrote to me thanking me for tackling this problem. Queer women appreciated the more masculine style. Straight women praised the removal of darts and the move towards daylong comfort.

We traded stories of disappointing dressing rooms and then used the leanings to create the best menswear inspired button-up shirt for our backers. We shunned the overly feminine styles of womenswear and embraced the clean lines of menswear.

Within three weeks we crushed our initial funding target and raised $16.5K to produce our first collection of Signature Shirts. The conversation didn't stop their, we stayed engaged with our backers, soliciting their input as we brought our first collection of menswear for women to life. We couldn't have made it without our backers and will always be eternally grateful.